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Product Overview

Bry-Scan sensors have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements and needs expressed by the industry. The rugged stainless-steel body, supplies long life with accurate results. Based on compact construction, they can be easily installed in various places within the production line.The measuring method enables the determination of core moisture content indipendently to the density, colour and surface structure in organic or synthetic products. Bry-SCAN is a measuring instrument In-line for internal and superficial moisture, in non-ferrous materials, suffers from productive quality or of pure processing due to the residual moisture contained. The range of measurement where the sensor delivers maximum performance of uniqueness, is low or ultra-low-moisture, in terms of value 0,01 % RH up to 50% RH. ( see specifications) in a range of temperature from 0 to 190°C.

Industrial applications

Bry-SCAN is principally addressed to processes where it has the potential of making substantial energy savings and quality monitor of many industries, like food processing, grain milling, polimers extrusion, injection moulding, construction materials, paper industry and so on. We understand that each industry has specific requirements due to the product characteristics and the processing environment. Our technology has grown from the development of dedicated measurement solutions for each industry and each application, achieving no-compromise performance in the most demanding of processes. Bry-Scan sensors are built using high quality components, to the highest standards and specifications. We can therefore offer our product, guaranteed by the Swiss-made technology.

How it works

Moisture measurement technique is based upon the relatively high dielectric constant of water in comparison to the dielectric properties of other materials also includes the measurement of diamagnetic properties. The variation of water content within the product, would result in a large variation in the combined dielectric constant which would then be measured by monitoring the change in the dielectric signal. Both the phase shift and attenuation would be affected by the change in the dielectric constant of the analysed material. Additionally measurement is effected by the excitation of free moisture molecules when introducing a controlled magnetic field which is also measured with a 32 bit dedicated microprocessor. Moisture measurement data are collected and processed within 30mS. .

Measure Function

Bry-Scan uses indirect method and a calibration against a known moisture amount is required. The physic values are allocated to the values using a primary reference methods (e.g. Karl Fisher). The system calculates and stores the calibration line and the correlation coefficient taken from laboratory. The system offers up to 100 different recipes
that you can edit at your requirements.


For moisture content measurements in harsh environments that have to be cost effective and require high degree of accuracy thorough out a wide range, it is believed that automatic recalibrations provide the best solution. Auto-calibration function developed by Bry-Air PROKON, showed significant increase in performance of the sensor presenting a considerable enhancement of the measurement accuracy and repeatability. The purpose of the autocalibration function is to correct the accumulated unavoidable errors at the sensor output. References physical sensors inputs are used to allow the adjustment of the measurement and to calculate the calibration coefficients, so the transfer function of the measurement chain is periodically corrected, providing high degree of accuracy thorough out the whole range of measure.

Bry-SCAN configurations


Bry-SCAN's online moisture analyzer is designed to allow users to optimize their on-line process and dramatically improve product quality. Bry-SCAN can be calibrated for all types of moisture. This online moisture analyzer can be in a stand alone or multi-sensor configuration. Communication to the sensor head(s) can be via Operator Interface,PC , plant wide network by RS 422/485 and Ethernet TCP/IP.

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